Feeling Bored? Do These 32 Fun Things At Home With So Much Ease

    When You Are Bored at Home Do These 32 Things With So Much Ease

    Ohhh Goshh !!!  I am so bored ”. This usually happens with me a lot. If you find yourself in the same situation then all you need to do is to follow the points given below.

    So friends, I just come again with 32 ways in which you can get rid of boredom. Some of them are funny and others are creative. Let’s start…

    1. An Indoor Picnic: Lay out a picnic blanket, get some food and drinks and enjoy eating.An Indoor Picnic
    2. Read a Book: Books are a great source of knowledge and entertainment. A good book in hand will surely help you.Read a Book
    3. Rearrange your Closet and Cupboards: Get rid of waste stuff and reorganize it in a systematic manner.Rearrange your Closet and Cupboards
    4. Reorganize your Room: Try to change your room plan. Move something or the other thing to a new position. Reorganize your Room
    5. Recollect Memories: Just go through the old photographs and walk down the memory lane. Recollect Memories:
    6. Clean your Phone: Delete unwanted apps, pictures, contacts and cache and other unnecessary files. Clean your Phone
    7. Play Online Games: This is a common pastime activity. Try out some new online games like Elvenar etc. Play Online Games
    8. Doodling: Just grab a white sheet, draw random lines and designs and doodle it!!! Doodling
    9. Learn to solve Rubik Cube: Practice solving Rubik cube and then challenge your friend. Learn to solve Rubik Cube
    10. Cooking: Spend some time in your pantry and make some tasty food. Cooking
    11. DIY Something: Release your inner creativity and DIY something. DIY Something:
    12. Origami: Make some origami with paper and decorate your home. Origami
    13. Stacking Cups: Try stacking plastic cups. This is a full filled activity. Stacking Cups
    14. Learn how to draw a Human Face: Enhance your sketching by learning how to draw the human face. Learn how to draw a Human Face
    15. Mandala Art: Make an effort to draw a mandala art and paint it colorfully. Mandala Art
    16. Calligraphy: Calligraphy is a beautiful art. Write your name or some quote in different font and design. Calligraphy
    17. Paint Rocks: Paint the garden rocks in different colors and write motivational quotes on it. Paint Rocks
    18. Sing and Dance: Sing and dance to your favorite songs and spill your heart out. Just give it a try even if you don’t sing better (like me) or dance better. Sing and Dance 
    19. Watch Music Videos: This is my favorite pastime activity. My current favorites are Humsafar (Badrinath ki Dulhania), Waterfall by Pink and Sia, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran etc. Watch Music Videos
    20. Learn Magic Tricks: Learn some cool magic tricks and impress people. Learn Magic Tricks
    21. Blowing up a Balloon: Blow up a balloon as large and big as you can. Blowing up a Balloon
    22. Popping Bubble Wrap: No matter how old you are you can’t resist yourself popping the bubble wrap. Popping Bubble Wrap
    23. Brain Games: Brain games like Sudoku, riddles et.c strengthen the mind. Brain Games
    24. Call an Old Friend: Catch up with your old friend. Call an Old Friend
    25. Make a Vision Board: Place pictures or even words like Happiness, Success etc on the pin board to achieve them in life. Make a Vision Board
    26. Make a to do List: Plan your activities for today, tomorrow or coming days. Make a to do List
    27. Learn New Language: Learn a couple of words in foreign language per day. Learn New Language
    28. Shop Online: Search some cool stuff online and not delay in buying that stuff. Shop Online
    29. Write Random Stuff: Write some random thoughts, quotes that pop into your mind. Write Random Stuff
    30. Research the Life of a Celebrity: Research the life of a celebrity (other than your celebrity crush). Research the Life of a Celebrity
    31. Recreate a Movie Scene: Revive a movie scene and imitate characters. Recreate a Movie Scene
    32. YouTube Challenges: Try out some cool, funny and interesting YouTube challenges. YouTube Challenges

    Hope you guys like these ideas. See you next time with more info and useful stuff.


    1. Somali excellent! ??Absolutely mind blowing tips. One never realise there are so many worthwhile things one can do when feeling bored. Well done. Keep it up???

    2. Wow. Very nicely written.
      Some of them are really cool like painting garden rocks with quotes.
      And oops rearanging drawers and cleaning the phone.
      God bless you.
      GOLDEN SUNRISE to Your Ideas And Writing skills

    3. I like the way u have put the ideas. This will definitely help me and others to do things in more creative way. God bless you. Always be cheerful.

    4. GOLDEN SUNRISE Sonami
      Congrats dear?
      Wonderful way of killing boredom. Keep up the good skills. May God’s Grace be upon you always ??????????
      Love you ???
      You are blessed ??????

    5. So many creative ideas . Very impressive article sonami beta reading books and watch music videos are my favourite choices always to be myself . I am sure these creative ideas will be helpful to reduce stress and mental pressure even it will cure depression and lonely ness feeling s. Some of these ideas are so funny even i will try to remember my childhood.
      Thank you for sharing. God bless you

    6. Well written article! Such innovative ideas!! As an artist myself I found them very creative and useful too. Meant for people of all ages. Thank you! 🙂


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