Wow ! Cheetah Print Nails Matching with Cheetah Print Dress

Cheetah Print Nails Matching with Cheetah Print Dress

Are you going to wear a Cheetah Print Dress and do not know which shade to choose for your nails?

Do you want to use more than one color and lift from the plain mundane shades?

Do you want your nails to go with that outfit?

Here’s a simple and creative technique to do your nails a Tiger Print. YES, CHEETAH PRINT.

All you have to do is work with patience.

The materials you will require for this are readily available. They are your choice of nail paints (matching to the outfit), base coat, top coat, toothpick and a black nail polish or a black nail art pen. Choose a light shade for the base and bright colors for the print. Also, make sure that the nail polishes aren’t fresh and they are not all dried too, because then it will be difficult to work with them.

Cheetah Print Nails Matching with Cheetah Print Dress

To begin with the nail art apply the base coat first. Make sure you apply a single thick coating and let it dry completely. Then apply the shade of nail polish you want your base to be. Preferring a light shade is suggested as it will bring out the look of the nail art.

Cheetah Print Nails Matching with Cheetah Print Dress

Now, using a toothpick dab nail polish on your nails in small irregular shapes just like that on a Cheetah Print. Do not press hard on the toothpick. Just press it lightly. Either side of the toothpick can be used to paint the impressions. Use bright nail polish colors for this. You can use as many colors you want and space out them as distinctly possible. Do not fill all the space on your nails otherwise it will look like clustered in the end. Let this coat dry out and then using your toothpick and black nail polish outline the small irregular shapes that you made with the bright nail polish colors. Make sure that you leave spaces in outlining them. If you are using a black nail art pen then it would be easy to outline the shapes.

Note: it’s important to completely space out the Cheetah Print shapes so that it looks neat and tidy.

After outlining the shapes with the black nail polish, apply a top coat and dry your nails.



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