Top 34 Surprising Life Hacks of Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum Jelly is a translucent paste that is a necessity of every household. It can be used as a substitute for various other products. It has powers to cure various things and ease down several others. It can also helpful in some household work.

Here I Present Top 34 Uses and Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

  1. Efficient Makeup Remover: finished with your makeup remover? Just dab a bit of jelly on a cotton bud and wipe of the eye and lips makeup without any efforts. Efficient Makeup Remover 
  1. Cure Dryness: dryness can be tough to cure. If no other products cure it petroleum jelly will definitely. Just apply generous amounts on your hands and rub. Cure Dryness
  1. Gloss Your Lips: add natural shine to your lips by applying jelly. Mix a bit of an eye shadow or blush to give a hint of color. You can use this to create your own lip shades. Gloss Your Lips
  1. Highlight Cheekbone: want cheekbones like a model but don’t know how? Just apply a bit of jelly with your finger tips on your cheekbones and it will work. 
  1. Remove Lipstick Stains: as it is a petroleum product it can efficiently remove stains. Before throwing out lipstick stained clothes try removing it with petroleum jelly. Remove Lipstick Stains
  1. Improve Your Fragrance: going out for a long day and want to keep that expensive scent for long? Apply little amounts of jelly and spray. It will definitely last longer. Improve Your Fragrance
  1. Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect: keep your eyebrows look intact by applying petroleum jelly on a cotton bud or mascara wand and rub on your eyebrows. Make your eyebrows look perfect
  1. Substitute for Mascara: if your mascara dries out, do not worry. Take a bit of jelly on your mascara wands and use as usual. It will give you thicker and heavier lashes. Substitute for Mascara
  1. Use to Get an Even Tan: before using tanning products apply generous amounts of petroleum jelly so that the tan comes out even this is done because the dry skin tends to absorb more tanning lotion. Use to Get an Even Tan
  1. Protection from Hair Dye: if you are coloring your hair, applying petroleum jelly on your scalp and it can protect your skin from being colored and damaged. Protection from Hair Dye
  1. Remove Rings: if your ring is stuck on your finger, grease your finger with jelly and it will slip out easily. Remove Rings
  1. Perfect Nails: just before doing your nails, apply jelly on the surrounding area so that the nail polish does not come on the fingers. Perfect Nails
  1. Extend Your Lotion’s Usage: if your lotion is finishing add a bit of petroleum jelly to it to increase its content and can be used as before. Extend Your Lotion’s Usage
  1. Soften Dry Areas: if you have really dry hands, ankles, elbows or any other body part just apply huge amounts of jelly to it before going to bed. It will soften them. Soften Dry Areas
  1. Give a Natural Manicure and Pedicure: soak your hands and feet in the water and clean them with scrub. After drying them, apply jelly to give them shine and moisture just like in a chemical manicure or pedicure. Give a Natural Manicure and Pedicure
  1. Seal Split Ends: when you are between trims, try concealing your split ends with petroleum jelly. They are very effective. Seal Split Ends
  1. Control Frizz: applying petroleum jelly on your hair can control the frizz and smooth flyaways. They can remove dryness from your hair too. remove dryness from your hair
  1. Intensify Eye Shadow: to give your eyes a heavier color, mix your eye shadow with petroleum jelly to make a paste and then apply. This way it looks bolder. Intensify Eye Shadow
  1. Use as an Exploiter: mix petroleum jelly with brown sugar to make a scrub. Apply this on the skin and rub it to exfoliate skin. Use as an Exploiter
  1. Secure Nail Paints: if your nail polish bottle is stuck and gets messy often apply petroleum jelly to it so that it closes and opens easily. Secure Nail Paints
  1. Prevent Rashes: if your skin tends to develop rashes from certain clothing or if it is a mosquito bite, applying jelly can soothe it. Use it in a case of diaper rash. Prevent Rashes
  1. Prevent Shampoo in Eyes: if you tend to get shampoo in your eyes or that of your baby apply petroleum jelly on eyebrows. It makes a protective cover for your eyes. Prevent Shampoo in Eyes
  1. Makeup Maker 1: if you are running out of makeup or need new shades of eye shadow and lip gloss, you can mix it with food coloring and apply it on your skin. running out of makeup
  1. Makeup Maker 2: you can also make lip gloss by mixing a melted crayon with petroleum jelly and pouring it into a palette. Use it when settled and dried. melted crayon with petroleum
  1. Makeup Maker 3: want to renew a spoilt lipstick? Melt the lipstick and mix it with petroleum jelly to recreate your favorite lip shade. petroleum jelly to recreate your favorite lip shade
  1. Removing Wax from Candle Sticks: candles, when burnt, can leave wax all over the place and leave stains. Rub it off with petroleum jelly. Removing Wax from Candle Sticks
  1. Remove Stains: did something leave the stain on the wood? Clean it with petroleum jelly. leave the stain on the wood
  1. Renew Leather: are your leather shoes losing their shine? Dab a generous amount of petroleum jelly and rub it. Renew Leather
  1. Cut on Moisturizer: does your leather jacket require heavy maintenance? Chuck chemical moisturizers and shift to petroleum jelly. leather jacket require heavy maintenance
  1. Remove Watermarks: did the glasses leave a stain on the table? Get it out by petroleum jelly easily. stain on the table
  1. Chewing Gum Problems: have chewing gum stuck somewhere? Guess what? Petroleum jelly can get that out too. chewing gum stuck
  1. Relief from Dying Car Batteries: when the temperatures get low, the electrical resistance increase and oil thicken causing the battery to die. Before the temperatures drop, remove the wires and grease them with jelly to help prevent corrosion of the battery. Relief from Dying Car Batteries
  1. Keep Cat Food Free From Ants: if ants tend to enter your cat’s food apply huge amounts of petroleum jelly around it restricting the ant’s entry. Keep Cat Food Free From Ants
  1. Soften Baseball Mitt: got a new baseball mitt that is still stiff? Grease it with petroleum jelly. Soften Baseball Mitt

Petroleum jelly is widely available and has several uses! Hope these simple tricks help you in your daily life! Must Read: How to use Cucumber to Gain Skin Benefits.


  1. Thank you so much for the valuable information. I came to know so many uses of petroleum jelly first time . I am sure these uses will be so helpful for the mankind.
    Do keep sharing such valuable informations more and more in future also God bless you.

  2. Wow Sonami Beta.
    Petroleum jelly the most common trade name is Vaseline is widely used for dry skin. But you actually penned down creative ways of using it for makeup and hose hold hazzles.
    Only a fashion pro person can think of so many wonderful ways.
    Loved it.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all Your Ideas And Writing Skills. God bless you.

  3. Excellent article. Very well written. Never imagined petroleum jelly had such varied uses. I’d use it only as a moisturiser. Thanks you for the ideas. 🙂


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